This webpage is contains information and offers support for the forthcoming Handbook of Genomics, Health & society part of the Routledge International Handbook series, scheduled for release in 2017/18.  This handbook continues and expands upon the success of the 2009 publication in this series, the Handbook of Genetics and Society. This new handbook compiles multi-disciplinary contributions from a wide range of experts to offer an authoritative, state of the art discourse about the social-cultural, ethical, political and economic consequences and complexity that emerge at the intersection with current and emergent developments in genomics and health. As the editors of the handbook, we are inspired by the rapid and exciting growth in genomic knowledge, technologies and techniques over the last decade, and the potential the field contains for well-being and global health. However, we are also aware of the profound ways these developments in biosciences weave through social landscapes and become entangled in cultural, economic and political systems.


The handbook provides an essential resource in the field of genomics and society, and forms a crucial research tool for both new students and established scholars across biomedicine and social sciences. It disseminates a comprehensive introduction to pivotal themes within the field, presents state of the art knowledge on the partnerships between genomics science and society, and outlines pathways for emerging areas of research. Our vision is, therefore, for our contributors to write chapters that speak to both new students within the field as well as those who have established careers in ways that can inspire new and ongoing research trajectories.


If you are to participate in the Handbook, we ask for your individual chapter entry of 3-4,000 words, including references, by 15th of January 2017 for your draft. If you are able to accept the offer, we also request a brief proposal of only 100-150 words on your proposed topic within six weeks following your acceptance, on which the editors will provide feedback.


In addition to the introduction from the editors, we envision the handbook to outline 5 primary sections that speak to themes within genomics, health and society, each with 7 or 8 chapters. Each section will be led by a dedicated section editor who in conjunction with the volume editors will co-ordinate submission, reviews and provide feedback to contributors.  For further information, tentative schedules, proposed outline, and editing guidelines,  please see the information for authors.